Web 2.0 training extends to New Guinea Islands

group discussion3The CTA sponsored Web 2.0 and Social Media for Development training program, undertaken by NARI in partnership with the Department of Agriculture and Livestock and the Secretariat of the Pacific in Papua New Guinea, has extended to the New Guinea Islands region. More than 20 participants from the region are undergoing the program at the NARI Islands Regional Centre from 21-25 July 2015.

Lead Facilitator Seniorl Anzu said the learning opportunity is targeting those in the agriculture and rural development sector to become familiar with and use some of the popular Web 2.0 tools which can support their efforts in knowledge management, information sharing and communication.
“The objective is to improve the skills of development actors in the use of a variety of Web 2.0 applications for information retrieval, collaborative generation of content, information sharing and effective and cost-efficient communication,” Says Mr Anzu.
He said the program also aims to improve networking and management of agricultural information among development actors.”

Mr Anzu said technology has advanced on many fronts, supported by smart devices, and is becoming central to commence, industry and education.

“This is about tapping into the technology that is at our finger tip to support and improve our development work where possible. This is about embracing technology to support development,” he said.

The current session is attended by NARI, Department of Agriculture and Livestock, New Britain Palm Oil Limited, Cocoa Coconut Institute, University of Natural Resources and Environment, Cocoa Board, NGOs and interested individuals. The week-long training is the 3rd round after Port Moresby and Lae early this year. The final leg will be for the highlands region in September.

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