Bee keeping in PNG: a brief

In the 1970 to 90 bee keeping and processing was funded by the New Zealand Government and PNG Government funding with production over 150 ton annually with 3000 farmers.

Total export to Austria alone was 100 tones. In 1995 the PNG Banking Corporation took over the factory and production dropped. In 2000 the Department of Agriculture and Livestock (DAL) introduced training and extension services again. Production went up to 30 ton annually for domestic market.

In 2006, Varroa Mite was detected and DAL established Varroa Mite Task Force with technical support from the National Agricultural Quarantine and Inspection Austhority and funding from Australian Government and research by the National Agricultural Research Institute with Australia assistance.

In 2008, K2 million funding came from the National Agricultural Development Program funds for expansion. Bees taken to East New Britain, Enga and Hela and East Sepik provinces since 2010, whilst Hon Sam Basil, Member of Parliament for Bulolo, introduced bee keeping in his district since 2009 and expanding.

Production varies from 22 to 27 ton annually whilst domestic demand is at 100 tones annually. Overseas demand for Austria and Germany at 200 ton annually but no excess to supply. Farmers up to 2500 but need more honey boxes to reach both domestic and international demand.

For details contact me at 7196 9891

Wilson Thompson
President, Farmers and Settlers Association Inc

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