Coffee Fairtrade Pacific Stakeholders Workshop at Aiyura

Coffee Cherries2Market access in the coffee value chain is important for the industry, especially in ensuring the producers get their produce to the consumers. PNG’s Coffee Industry Corporation, the sub-sector regulator, has supported coffee producers, especially smallholders, on this front over decades through its coffee extension program. This program is now incorporating the Fairtrade Compliance criteria, which provides a new direction and a very demanding schedule that requires a bigger staff strength and timely resource assistance.

In line with this intervention, CIC, for the first time, will host an international fare-trade at its Research and Growers Service Division at Aiyura, Eastern Highlands.

‘The Fairtrade Pacific (Australia & New Zealand) Sub Network Workshop’ is scheduled from August 19-24 2013, and is set to attract farmers and participants from East Timor, Fiji, Australia, New Zealand and many parts of PNG who cultivate coffee and cocoa as well as other commodity export agencies. Some of the main objectives of the meeting include:
• meeting and liaising with Fairtrade certified and applicant producer organisations and support organisations in PNG,
• improve and increase the understanding of Pacific input in the international Fairtrade system,
• introduce and share Fairtrade ANZ’s Producer Library with a specific focus on environmental tools,
• coordinate outreach with PNG-based agriculture and conservation-focused support organisations, and
• work on overcoming common non-compliances faced by producer organisations in PNG.

Fairtrade ANZ has agreed to host the meeting at remote Aiyura which has an iconic history in the development of coffee in PNG. This is also rewarding for CIC’s Coffee Extension program which is developing and incorporating the Fairtrade Compliance criteria to help coffee co-operatives to have accessibility to the High Demand Fair-trade markets overseas.

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