First female appointed to coordinate coffee at provincial level

The Coffee Industry Cooperation (CIC) has announced the appointment of a career female officer to coordinate training and extension services for coffee farmers in the Oro Province. She is Jenny Bekio, who will take up a senior role as Acting Provincial Farmer Training and Extension Coordinator for the province after having served CIC for 12 years.

Jenny Bekio visiting a coffee patch in a remote PNG Highlands

Jenny Bekio visiting a coffee patch in a remote PNG Highlands

The elevation is a commitment to promoting gender equality, especially in the promotional and recruitment of female officers in key positions, Chief Executive Officer Navi Anis said in a media statement early this week.

“Her appointment adds to that of other distinguished female officers holding senior positions in the Corporation including; Cathy Pianga as Senior Project Officer, Sally Maladina as Company Secretary, Lillian Kongri as Senior Accounts Supervisor, Marie Kiliawi as Senior Exports Officer, Rose Romalus as Senior Quality Controller and Matilda Hamago as Training officer among other female officers,” says Mr Anis.

He said the role is challenging and has always been dominated by men in CIC’s 22 year history but Ms Bekio is the first female officer to break into this male dominated area of extension service delivery and she must be congratulated.

Mr Anis added that today more females in PNG are breaking into fields long perceived as the male dominion and Ms Bekio is one of them.

Ms Bekio hails from Tebega village in the Henganofi District of Eastern Highlands Province. She graduated with a Diploma in Tropical Agriculture from the then Vudal University in 1997 and joined CIC in 2000 and has been working as a Mobile Extension Officer in Simbu, Enga, Morobe, Madang and recently in EHP until her promotional appointment late last year.

Given her 12 year experience working closely with coffee farmers, it is anticipated that Ms Bekio has acquired the necessary experience and skills to supervise coffee work in a province.

Mr Anis also urged the Oro Provincial Government and the Provincial and District Administrations and local MPs to give her the support needed to promote coffee work and assist local coffee farmers earn a sustainable income from coffee.

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One Response to First female appointed to coordinate coffee at provincial level

  1. Evah Tokilala says:

    Congradulations Ms Bekio for taking up the challenge in your career. You are a role model to other women in agriculture.

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