DAL staff urged to improve work performance

Staff at the Department of Agriculture and Livestock (DAL) must improve their work performances and help transform the department to be an efficient and effective organization.

This was the message emphasised by DAL’s Acting Secretary Dr Vele Pat Ila’ava, Minister for Agriculture and Livestock Tommy Tomscoll and PNG Kumuls Coach Adrian Lam during the department’s Christmas function at Sunset Lodge outside Port Moresby.

Sports personality Lam was the guest speaker invited to give some inspirational messages to the staff.

Dr Ila’ava said 2012 had been a difficult and challenging year for DAL and thanked everyone for their patience and support. He praised his staff for their commitment to lift DAL to greater heights and urged them to continue their good work in the New Year.

rice training orokana2

These rural women in Pimaga, Southern Highlands, need agricultural services

Dr Ila’ava said 2013 and next few years will continue to be challenging times as there will be increased activities in which DAL staff will be expected to participate, make meaningful contribution, and perform to the best of their abilities to transform the organization. One of the important events will be the launching of the DAL Corporate Plan – part of reforms aimed at improving the overall performance of the department in the delivery of services.

The Plan will provide a clear and simple road map for both the department and the agriculture sector in transforming the sector and boosting agricultural development. DAL staff will be expected to make positive contributions to make the department a better and stronger organization in terms of delivery of agricultural services.

Dr Ila’ava reminded the DAL staff that in order for them to succeed, they need to change some of their habits and think and act positively.

Minister Tomscoll echoed similar sentiments and indicated that the agriculture sector will be transformed to make it more dynamic in the future. He said Cabinet will also be deciding on proposals including the possible amalgamation of a number of agricultural commodity boards and agencies. The proposed rationalization of the agricultural commodity boards and agencies is to improve performance, governance and accountability.

Sports personality Lam, who was earlier invited to conduct a two-day leadership management course for senior officers, also emphasized the importance of responsible and good management in the department. He urged the staff to make changes for the better, and to focus on their duties and to perform with honesty, integrity and patience.

Mr Lam said like in sports, DAL staff need to have a rethink of their performances and to strive hard with greater determination for best results. He urged the staff to work together with the management to move the department and achieve productivity in the sector.

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2 Responses to DAL staff urged to improve work performance

  1. Phil says:

    I think the urge that the minister responsible is saying is in fact what I really agree with. Among other agricultural organizations operating in PNG, both private and government owned, I never heard of especially those under government like DAL whose names are not popular. Maybe one thing I would suggest is to collaborate with NGOs or international partners like ACIAR as what NARI is doing now to hopefully bring about the perceivable changes. The corporate plan I believe will provide a road map towards achieving and materializing the dreams to meet the expectations of people and provide services to the farming community esp. in the remote settings. By doing this I believe will be satisfying to the people concerned and prevent such distorting comments from the Ministers and others. They are saying it because the performances are not to the expectations.

    Tenk yu tru

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