A new wilt disease of banana plants associated with phytoplasmas in PNG

R. I. Davis , P. Kokoa2, L. M. Jones1, J. Mackie3, F. E. Constable3, B. C. Rodoni3, T. G. Gunua4 and J. B. Rossel5
R. I. Davis
Received: 7 March 2012Accepted: 2 May 2012Published online: 18 May 2012
Nested PCR indicated a possible causal relationship between presence of phytoplasmas and unusual wilt symptoms in cooking banana plants in PNG. Sequence analysis showed that phytoplasmas from diseased banana plants in four Provinces were unique, but most closely related to a phytoplasma associated with a new lethal disease of coconuts in PNG’s Madang Province, related to phytoplasmas in the 16SrIV group.
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