Bougainville women team up in agriculture

PNGWiA President Maria Linibi (left) and Bougainville WiA President Delwine Ketsian in Arawa during the launching of the group on September 11 2012.

Rural women in Bougainville have teamed up with the PNG Women in Agriculture Development Foundation (PNGWiADF) in a bid to network with other Papua New Guinean women and source new information and techniques to improve their agricultural farming practices.

During the launching of the Bougainville Women in Agriculture (BWiA) in Awara recently, local women in agriculture and floriculture tied their knots with the mother body. The occasion coincided with a floriculture show which was attended by over 200 women from nearby areas including Koromira, North Naioi, Awara, Kieta, Buka Island and along road to Paguna.

PNGWiADF President Maria Linibi, who officiated at the occasion, said there was much enthusiasm and interest by women who have settled with a new life using the land and its resources following the crisis. Mrs Linibi said women in Bougainville have also ventured into small business opportunities and have played a huge role in developing the island.

The one-day occasion was organized by BWiA under the leadership of President Delwine Ketsian. The group, which is already registered with the PNGWiADF, was then known as Kieta WiA but due to interest and attendance from all throughout the island, the name was changed to BWiA.

The launching was done jointly by Mrs Linibi and Commissioner of Central Bougainville, James Koibo.

Among others who attended included representatives from Central Bougainville MP’s office, AGB women of Central Bougainville, other women leaders and farmers.

Mrs Linibi said Bougainville women have huge potential in agriculture development due to their ownership of land through the matrilineal family structure or society.

Local women have indicated that the presence of PNGWiADF was a positive move for women to develop partnership, share resources, and learn from one another. They said this was also a beginning of many good things to come through networking and having better access to information on agriculture and development through the PNGWiADF establishment and network.

Mr Linibi said the women are determined and have the passion to participate in innovative development, as shown through the different exhibits and displays during the floriculture show.  Flowing the launching, Mrs Linibi was taken around the island on a guided tour.

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