EDES food safety programme coming to PNG

A workshop on EDES Food Safety Programme will be held in Port Moresby during August 21 – 22 August 2012. 

EDES is a four year programme funded by the European Union which aims to strengthen food safety systems based on risk analysis in African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries in line with European, International and regional market requirements. EDES is a Greek word for eat or consume. 

The objectives are to officially launch the EDES Food Safety Programme in PNG; to firm up issues and constraints relating to food safety identified during the fact-finding mission and identify possible remedial interventions for implementation; and establish arrangements for possible EDES assistance to PNG’s food safety system through mutually signed memorandum of agreement. 

Key stakeholders dealing with PNG’s food safety issues in the government, private sector and non-government sectors have been invited to participate. Some of the agencies expected to attend include departments of Health and Agriculture, National Fisheries Authority, Coffee Industry Corporation, National Agricultural Research Institute, National Agriculture Quarantine Inspection Authority and Cocoa Board. 

The two-day workshop is a follow-up in-country mission to the fact-finding mission conducted in PNG early this year. The objectives of that mission, among others, were to establish an inventory of the partners in the key sectors and the main elements of the overall management system of food safety; to identify gaps and operational constraints in food supervision; and to identify interventions to improve the diagnostic capacity of the food laboratories.

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