Gadi Ling, a senior national agriculturalist, passed away

Late Gadi Ling

A senior national scientist from the National Agricultural Research Institute (NARI), Gadi Ling, passed away on Monday (2/7/12) at the Keravat General Hospital after a short illness. NARI staff and friends and relatives around the country were shocked after receiving the sad news this week.

From Ralalar village in the Gazelle District, East New Britain, the Late Gadi Ling, 57, was a longest serving employee of NARI. He joined the Institute in 1998 as a scientist and was senior agronomist at the time of his untimely death. He had spent all his adult and professional life in agriculture development in PNG since graduating from the University of PNG in 1978. And the Keravat research station, historically known as LAES (Lowlands Agricultural Experiment Station), had been his only place of work during his entire career (1978-2012), while under different institutional arrangements (previously as the Department of Primary Industries, then as Department of Agriculture and Livestock and now as NARI).

In conveying condolences to wife Medline and family members and relatives, NARI Council Chairman Dr John Kola and Director General Dr Raghunath Ghodake said the Institute and the country has lost a man who had huge volume of knowledge about PNG farming systems with many years of experience in agricultural research and development, particularly in the New Guinea Islands region.

“He has been a knowledgeable and practical member of our team with demonstrated excellence in his endeavour towards agricultural research and development in PNG with a span of over 30 years, with most of his time and efforts spent in East New Britain and the New Guinea Islands,” they said.

Gadi was described by colleagues as a “silent achiever”. He was a less talker but a very practical man who worked hard and traveled to almost all pockets of the NGI region, conducting farming systems research, extension and training for farmers and supplying planting materials, information and new technologies on improved agricultural practices. Two of his recent achievements were his extensive involvement in vanilla research and training in the region and PNG as a whole and the introduction of livestock (fish, duck, chickens, egg production ) into LAES and the NGI region. He contributed in research and development of cocoa, spices, essential oils, inter-cropping of food crops with cash crops, and staff development as a mentor, coach and leader.

Gadi was a well-loved member of the Keravat community in the Gazelle District, ENBP, and will be greatly missed by all.  He is survived by wife Medline, six children and three grandchildren.

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