NARI launches corporate plan

The National Agricultural Research Institute (NARI) launched an updated and redesigned corporate plan during the 2012 Agricultural Innovations Show at Bubia in Lae last Friday. The development and establishment of the plan – ‘Strategy and Results Framework (SRF)’ – which is relevant to present circumstances, was the most recent and important milestone in NARI.

Governor Wenge (left) and Prof Kavanamur jointly launching the NARI Corporate Plan – SRF

The plan was jointly launched by Morobe Governor Luther Wenge and Director General of Office of Higher Education Professor David Kavanamur before a packed crowd comprising of farmers, guests and NARI staff who participated at the annual show.

NARI Strategic Planner Dr Birte Komolong said the SRF provides overall strategic direction to NARI’s efforts to enhance the productivity, efficiency, stability and sustainability of the smallholder agriculture sector (NARI Strategic Objective) and thus contributes to an improved welfare of families and communities (NARI Goal).

This is accomplished through four key strategies:

  •  Improving  productivity, efficiency and stability of agricultural production systems,
  • Influencing  the enabling environment (policy, markets, and institutions) for sustainable agricultural development,
  • Using and sharing of information and knowledge in the agricultural sector, and
  • Enhance efficiency and congenial institutional environment for effective agricultural research for development.

Dr Komolong said the SRF is implemented through programmes and projects that collectively generate development outcomes and impacts including improved food security, nutrition and health, increased income for rural communities, sustainable natural resource base and environment and gainful employment, directly contributing towards the three pillars of Wealth creation and Natural Resources, Environmental sustainability and Climate Change and Human Capital development and thus help realizing PNG Vision 2050.

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