Portable rice planter goes to show

Trukai Industries will demonstrate a portable rice planter at NARI’s Agricultural Innovations Show at Bubia near Lae this Friday. Pictured is Manager of Rice Research Australia, Russell Ford (centre), and staff of Trukai Farms displaying the rice planter at the NARI Bubia Showgrounds yesterday.

The manual planter, brought in from South Australia, is very light and appropriate for smallholder rice farmers in PNG. Known as the ‘precision garden seeder’, the planter can also be used for planting of corn, bean and peanut seeds. Mr Ford is currently in PNG to assist Trukai with rice seeds and seed development.

Well over 50 different organisations and groups will exhibit, ranging from:

  • agricultural research and development organisations,
  • commodity boards and extension agencies,
  • government departments and agencies,
  • international development partners,
  • agri-businesses and agricultural suppliers,
  • health agencies,
  • education institutions and departments,
  • NGOs and civil society organisations,
  • farmer groups, and the
  • private sector.

They will be presenting their activities in information booths and sharing information with farmers and the general public.

The event is free and everyone is invited

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