Agricultural innovations show set for May 4 2012

The 2012 Agricultural Innovations Show is set to take place on Friday May 4 at NARI’s Sir Alkan Tololo Research Centre, 10 Mile – Bubia, outside Lae. This day will also mark NARI’s 15th Anniversary. Preparations are well underway for this annual event, which will be staged for the 6th time this year by NARI.

Farmers displaying local produce at NARI Bubia (Lae) during a past agriculture show

The event is being organised around the theme “Investing in Innovative Agriculture for Prosperity”, reaffirming NARI’s view that progress through innovative agricultural development is essential if PNG has to realize Vision 2050 and become wealthy and prosperous nation.  The nation has the necessary need, great potential and vast opportunity to prosper through innovative agriculture, and hence the need for investment in innovative agriculture.

The theme is in line with NARI’s efforts to encouraging consistent investment in agriculture, particularly in research to develop technologies and innovations which are crucial agents in innovative agriculture and rural development. With the economy projected to grow at 8.5 % and the LNG and other related projects coming on stream, PNG has a more favourable environment and opportunities  now than ever before for all stakeholders to make positive contribution to innovative agricultural development, in general, and to research, science and technology, in particular.

Since its inception in 2007, the Show has become an annual event to recognize and value the importance of innovations in agricultural development, and promote and create awareness on the significant role of research, science and technology in innovative agricultural and rural development.

The Chief Guest of the event will be Director General of the Office of Higher Education, Professor David Kavanamur.

This year’s show will involve demonstrations and displays of materials and technologies.  There will be a number of government officials and the private sector representatives and other stakeholders participating.  Also participating and presenting their activities will be a number of research and development agencies, the private sector, educational and training institutions, extension providers, NGO’s, and community groups.

For more information, contact Dr Sergie Bang (, James Laraki (, Seniorl Anzu ( and Nancy Bali ( or by telephone on 475 1444/475 1445.


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