Freight surety program assists rural coffee farmers

By Augustine Dominic

The Coffee Industry Corporation (CIC) stands ready to assist remote coffee farmers air freight their produce into major towns through its Freight Surety Program (FSS).

CIC’s Chief Executive Officer Navi Anis gave the assurance in response to an article in the Post Courier of Wednesday February 15 2012, titled “Coffee bags rot”.

Freight Surety Program - Karamui to Goroka recently

Mr Anis said the Oneil/Namah government allocated K5 million to CIC under the FSS initiative in which farmers, as far as Marawaka, Simbari, Jimi,  Karamui and other remote areas, are able to freight their coffee to the nearest markets.

“Under the FSS program, CIC will pay upfront the freight (air) charge of a farmer’s coffee, and the farmer will reimburse once selling his/her coffee,” said Mr Anis.

He said the arrangement will depend on the availability of planes, weather conditions and front loads. Concerned farmers are urged to visit the CIC head office in Goroka, Simbu or Mt. Hagen to seek assistance on the FSS program or contact the CIC Marketing Analyst on telephone 531 1200 for further information.

Meanwhile, Mr Anis urged the media to get their facts right on the cost of freight per kg and the price of coffee in different forms.

Mr Anis said the coffee bags mentioned in the article would be in parchment form and not green bean; hence the green bean price cannot be equated to the parchment bags.

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