‘Tree of life’ has potential – coconut based products

Coconut is truly the ‘tree of life’ as it has many uses for millions across the globe. And in PNG, like many Pacific Island countries, virgin coconut oil is increasingly becoming popular for the production of medicines and cosmetics.

Mr Kaptigau with some of his value added products from virgin coconut oil

Leonard Sarikey Kaptigau, a lecturer at the Madang Teachers College, who has ventured into processing medicinal and cosmetic products from coconut oil says there is enormous potential in PNG’s rural communities. He has also developed products for cooking purposes. However, Mr Kaptigau, who is also a trained health nutritionist, says people like him needs more support in terms of funding and technical assistance from the Government.

The Department of Agriculture and Livestock last year donated an oil expeller machine worth over K9,000 and the Madang provincial administration provided some funding assistance for his research and training activities. But he needs to go a step further now that the public is aware of his work and there is increasing demand for the products. Since the donation of the machine, he has produced good quality virgin coconut oil.

Mr Kaptigau is asking DAL and other agencies to further assist him in purchasing storage containers in different sizes which can be used for storage and distribution. Different types of containers are needed to store and bottle the products and dispatch to various locations.

Mr Kaptigau has established ‘RM Sarikey Bio Products’ which has been producing a range of products from coconut oil and plants including virgin coconut oil, coconut cooking oil, cocoa butter oil, cocoa butter crude cream, carrot oil, sour sop oil, round cabbage oil, noni leaf oil, guava fruit oil, round onion oil, marita oil, cucumber oil and others.

Virgin coconut oil can be used together with a wide range of plant parts that contain cosmetic and medicinal properties to effect changes in the body by applying it externally on skin surfaces or drinking the oil. The oil expeller machine is capable of extracting oil from any oily seed as well as production of fruit juice by squeezing the fruit parts. It can also produce 40 litres of coconut oil from 200 coconuts in one hour.

Mr Kaptigau, who was trained in health and nutritional education, sports science and medicine in Australia, said it has taken him five years of study and experiments into how the purest coconut oil can be used together with plant parts to help the body. These products have already been given to the public and there have been positive results with no side effects experienced.

There is enormous potential for mass production with many people showing interest in the products. But this will depend on capital as well as facilities. The plan is to train villagers who can produce these products within their own communities and also provide opportunities for people to us their coconut, cocoa and plants for other uses.

“We are what we eat. The foods we eat do not just provide us with the energy or nutritional requirements but have healing properties to heal and stop major illnesses from making our mind and physical body sick”, Mr Kaptigau said.

He is now close to formulating a coconut-based product to cure the HIV Aids disease.

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20 Responses to ‘Tree of life’ has potential – coconut based products

  1. RB says:

    Dear Leonard,
    I have been looking into the propect of a venture in coconut exploration for 6 months now
    in wewak and the local area close by.
    Please contact me by email address below at your earliest convenience.

    Kind Regards Roy

  2. Al Entomo says:

    awesome stuff

  3. jamesjonney says:

    These product are looking good. I like coconut oil and its products. I always use coconut oil for cooking. It makes food tasty and healthy.

    Oil press

    • Thank you. I was off the Internet last year. Not many people are aware of the benefits of VCO in PNG. My work is now getting people realizing the potentials and actually enjoying the benefits. My favourite is VCO Cooking Oil.

  4. kankankelly@gmail.com says:

    sir, where are you currently located in madang?

    • Leonard Sarikey Kaptigau says:

      Sorry, Sir I was not able to get back into internet due to technical problems with my computer. Am now on again. Am at Madang Teachers College Campus. Currently secured a working place at Sagalau Service Station to build a small factory to produce Virgin Coconut Cooking Oils, Cosmetics & Medicines and Livestock Feed & Medicines. Urgently need a Business partner as this project has great potential. Investment of one million PNGKina would be appreciated. Thank you
      Leonard S Kaptigau

      • Lincoln says:

        I leave in POM, do you have a branch in POM?

      • Lincoln says:

        what’s the price for men’s miracle oil?

      • Leonard Sarikey Kaptiagu says:

        No only in Madang. We are building a processing center with office space and will complete it shortly. Mens miracle oil different prices; 60mls K20.00, 100mls K30.00 and 120mls K40.00

      • Leonard Sarikey Kaptigau says:

        To Lincoln
        We have a Medical Doctor who does Clinical Trials and actually selling the Medicinal Oils at Tabari Place next to Dr. Jacob and Johnson’s Pharmacy. Ask for Dr. Taetare she owns NATU CLINIC in Madang an is selling the medicinal and cosmetic products there.

    • Leonard Sarikey Kaptigau says:

      Thank you. We are based at Madang Teachers College, Sagalau. When the actual processing center is completed we will move from the Teachers College to Sagalau Service Station, hopefully in 2015.
      Thank you

  5. Hello , nice post and i would like to say there are more benefits of coconut by products, and it can be utilized well by using some of the Processing machines like this, hope this will be more helpful.

    Thank you

  6. nema gomo says:

    Could you be able to email me your digicel phone number? I want to buy some of products as soon as possible so please send me your number.

    • Leonard Sarikey Kaptigau says:

      Thanking you for your request. My digicel phone number is 71603399. I will send you the list of all the products we are processing at the moment anytime this weekend. In PNG major ports we send orders through DHL

      • nema gomo says:

        Dear Sir
        Thank you very much for your email upon my request. As soon as i receive the list of your products i will give you a call and buy some of your products. Now I am looking forward to your products list.

  7. Billy Manoka says:

    Leonard what is your email address and phone number? Wanted to establish contact with you regarding your business

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