EU call for proposal – participation for governance in food security

By Seniorl Anzu

Global call for proposals from the European Commission for the Food Security Thematic Programme (FSTP) is open for non-state actors, state bodies and international and regional intergovernmental organisations on food security. FSTP is an EU initiative under development and coorporation – EuropeAid which stands to improve food security in the poorest and most vulnerable communities under a medium and longer term perspective and to lead to sustainable solutions.

FSTP focuses on improving food security of vulnerable communities in developing countries

According to the Commission’s website, the programme covers all developing countries and its primary beneficiaries are: children under the age of five; communities with members suffering from HIV/AIDS or other chronic illnesses; war-affected communities and groups and internally displaced people; women; pastoralists, small farmers and fisher folk; landless and farm labourers and the urban ultra-poor. To better achieve the goal of reaching these beneficiaries in a sustainable way, this programme puts emphasis on training and capacity building for various stakeholders at national and regional levels, including government officials, and the strengthening of Regional Economic Communities’ capacities.

The global objective is to increase the participation of key stakeholders in developing countries to decision-making processes related to food security and nutrition. The specific objective is to strengthen the capacities of specific groups (farmers’, fishermen’ organisations) to reinforce their participation in policy-making, having an impact on food security and nutrition.

Results by Lots

Lot 1 – Capacities of organisations of farmers, of pastoralists, of fishermen and of aquaculture farmers are reinforced in order for them to network and to engage in effective dialogue with public authorities and development partners.

Lot 2 – Networks (or platforms) of organisations of farmers, of pastoralists, of fishermen and of aquaculture farmers at regional, continental or global level are set up or reinforced in order to actively participate in decision making processes related to food security and nutrition.


Lot 1 – Actions aimed at gaining/expand practical experiences, including with tangible projects for farmers’, pastoralists’, fishermen’s organisations and service delivery in order to reinforce their capacities to network and to engage in effective dialogue with public authorities and development partners.

  • minimum amount: EUR 300 000
  • maximum amount: EUR 1 500 000

Lot 2 – The setting up or the reinforcement of networks (or platforms) of farmers’, pastoralists’ and fishermen’s organisations at multi-national, (sub-) continental or global level, improving their information management, their capacities of strategic thinking, their communication and also the quality of support services to their member organisations.

  • minimum amount: EUR 1 000 000
  • maximum amount: EUR 3 000 000

“The proposed actions must take place in at least three developing countries and applicants must identify one of these countries as “focal point” from where the action will be managed and coordinated,” says Jean-Pierre Halkin, Head of the Commission’s Rural Development, Food Security, Nutrition unit.

The entities which are eligible for funding are:

  • partner countries and regions, and their institutions,
  • decentralised bodies in the partner countries (municipalities, provinces, departments and regions),
  • joint bodies set up by the partner countries and regions with the Community,
  • international organisations,
  • EU agencies,
  • Bodies and entities of the Member States, partner countries and regions and any other third country complying with the rules on access to the Community’s external assistance, this includes: public or para-statal bodies, non-state actors, private bodies, financial institutions and natural persons.

The guidelines are available at this link:

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