Call for proposals – coffee component, productive partnership in agriculture project

The Call for Proposals for the coffee component of the World Bank funded Productive Partnership in Agriculture Project (PPAP) has finally been advertised in the two daily papers.

Deadline is January 9, 2012.

Chief Executive Officer of the Coffee Industry Corporation Ltd, Navi Anis, said the invitation for proposals is directed towards coffee growers, traders, processors, exporters, cooperatives, associations, NGOs and knowledge (Universities) or service providers wishing to enter into productive partnership agreements with smallholder coffee producers in the four highlands provinces of WHP, Jiwaka, Simbu and EHP.

Guidelines for Call for Proposals can be obtained from Project Manager David Freyne or Component 2 Coordinator Paul Pora on phones (675) 531 1284, 532 1285 or (675) 532 1266; fax (675) 532 1351; email; CIC Website:; or mail through Project Manager, PPAP Coffee Component, Coffee Industry Corporation, P O Box 137, Goroka, EHP.

The guidelines will enable partnerships to determine their eligibility and also provide the format and outline the contents for the proposal.

Mr Anis said that proposals from ineligible partnerships and those not conforming to the guidelines will not be evaluated.

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4 Responses to Call for proposals – coffee component, productive partnership in agriculture project

  1. Yantze Modaite says:
    Kindly send me the “Call for Proposal – Coffee Component Productive Partnership in Agriculture”
    Deadline: January 9th 2012
    Proposal: Rearch In Down Stream Processing of Coffee By Products.
    Private Research was carried out at small scale in Down Stream of Coffee By Products and it was
    observed that the By Products of Coffee can be turned into commercially viable finished products.
    The Coffee By Products to be Researched into commercilly viable products are as follows.
    1. Bio-Fuel : Ethanol Production from cherry and skin during fermentation
    2. Timber : The Coffee tree is a Hard Wood, to be used for Structural Engineering, Furniture making
    Structural Engineered coffee trees after prooning can be made into timber products for
    building houses 3 to 5 story buildings.
    3. Coffee Husks and cherry coffee skin: Can be manufacturered using press and mould for boards,
    nursery moulds, manure and other products.
    Professional Background, Pharmacy Technician, School of Medicine and Health Sciences, UPNG ,
    1998, Trained as a Sientific Technical Officer to Manage Medical Supplies, Logistic
    Support and Manufacturing Medicinal Preparation when not in stock. Have been
    researching Coffee, Cocoa, Coconut and other by products for commercial feseability
    and viabibilty studies.

  2. Chris Mondo says:

    Would you supply me with the proposal guidelines and format for PPAP? I am Chris Mondo from Simbu Provincial DPI and Fisheries.

    thank you

  3. I am Ishmael Bonnie from Goroka, recent graduate in Management DWU.
    I would like to greatly appreciate the major funders in partnership in this program.
    My intention is to help my dad with his 20 hectar coffee plantation in bena area, Hofagayufa village, EHP.
    I would be greatly appreciate if you could send me the proposal guidelines and the proposal formate
    Much Thanks

  4. Raymond Jeff says:

    Hi my name is Raymond and I am from Goroka,could you please send mr the proposal guidelin to my email as I am very interested,

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