World’s Poultry Science Association to present ‘Hall of Fame’ and ‘Scholarship Awards’

By Seniorl Anzu

The World’s Poultry Science Association (WPSA) has announced that the next presentation of members for the International Poultry Hall of Fame (IPHF) will take place at the 2012 World’s Poultry Science Congress in Salvador, Brazil. During the occasion, the fifth group of Scholarship Awards will also be presented to winners of each category. The congress will coincide with celebrations of WPSA’s 100th anniversary.

Nominations for both the Hall of Fame and Scholarships close on 31 December 2011.

As a member of the WPSA, the PNG WPSA Branch has been invited to nominate one candidate for the IPHF and approach its members or institutions within the branch which should be considered for the scholarship awards.

Hall of Fame: The IPHF was established by action of the WPSA Executive Committee in 1984 for the purpose of recognising individuals who have contributed to the world-wide poultry industry above and beyond the call of duty. Recognition is given for a contribution
or contributions in the international sector
. Any person with any educational background in any country is eligible for nomination and possible election to the IPHF.

Scholarship Awards: Winners of the fifth group of Scholarship Awards will be announced and presented during the Brazil congress for each of the three categories – Education, Organization/Industry, and Research – which coincide with the wording on the WPSA logo. For each category, the awardees will receive a suitably inscribed certificate or plaque and € 11 000 (currently about US$ 14 500). To show how awards are utilised, those nominated will be required, if successful, to present a report of their work at the next World’s Poultry Congress following the one at which the award was made.

Visit the WPSA website for more information. Click here.

WPSA is a long established and unique organisation of world poultry science industry with international membership approaching 7000 across 76 countries. Its major role is to encourage, and help facilitate, liaison among research scientists and educators, and between those in research and education and those working in the many diverse sectors of the industry.

The PNG WPSA Branch was launched by WPSA President Dr Bob Pym in 2009 in Lae, Morobe province.

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