Coffee businesses warned to follow processing and exporting guidelines

By Augustine Dominic

Coffee processors and exporters in PNG should follow proper guidelines on processing and trading of coffee.

Chairman of Coffee Industry Corporation (CIC) Ltd, James Korarome, and Manager for CIC Industry Regulation and Compliance, Sam Menanga, informed coffee businesses that they are the ones at the check-point to ensure trading of legal and high quality coffee but it appears that they are doing the opposite.

The two men made the comments when meeting with local coffee processors in Goroka recently.

Mr Menanga said the maximum fine for trading of illegal coffee would reach up to K100, 000 and eventual dismissal of licenses.

“We are receiving many requests for coffee processing licenses, and those who involve in illegal trade or do not comply with quality requirements will lose their licenses to aspiring coffee businesses which are willing to comply,” he said.

CIC Board Chairman James Korarome (left) shaking hands with Terry Shelly, a coffee processor and Managing Director for Goroka based Nowek Limited

Mr Korarome said coffee comes under the food category of beverage and like all foods, it requires good quality and processing standards to produce a better cup. He told the participants that the quality of coffee can be detected via the cup taste and if processors do not prepare quality coffee, it will tarnish the image of PNG coffee, resulting in low price and motivation.

The meeting was organised as part of ongoing awareness on coffee processing license guidelines to inform the processors and exporters to stick to their operation guidelines as issued by CIC along with their licenses.


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