Coffee regulator acknowledges Australian support

Australian Government’s assistance towards quality coffee training in PNG, which is aimed at improving the livelihoods of smallholder coffee growers was acknowledged by industry regulator, the Coffee Industry Corporation (CIC).

CIC Chief Executive Officer Navi Anis expressed the appreciation during a coffee cupping training at the National Sporting Institute in Goroka recently.

“I acknowledge and thank the Australian Government and AusAID through the Agricultural Innovative Grant Scheme for funding a coffee quality project for the smallholder farmers to enter niche markets overseas,” said Mr Anis.

He said the plantation and block sectors are diminishing due to mismanagement, high input cost, land tenure and other social problems, and the focus now is on the smallholder farmers to drive the PNG coffee industry.

Mr Anis said the majority of the PNG population are smallholder coffee growers in remote areas and the Australian Government’s investment in the project is significant to them as it will enable them to improve the quality of coffee at a consistent rate and continue to get higher income to improve their livelihoods.

The quality training involves 14 communities in the three major coffee growing provinces –

Going through the protocols of coffee cupping are (l-r) a Specialist Cupper from Five Senses, CIC CEO Navi Anis and Rose Romalus of CIC.

Eastern and Western Highlands and Simbu provinces. The participants have completed post harvest quality training earlier on and recently did the protocols of cupping coffee.

The training has been facilitated by Five Senses, an Australian private coffee company, with endorsement from the Specialty Coffee Association of Australia and CIC.

Apart from this coffee quality project, the Australian Government and its agencies continue to assist the PNG coffee industry and CIC in, among others, strategic planning, coffee curriculum and improving livelihoods of coffee farmers, capacity building, and overseas scholarships.

SOURCE: PNG Coffee Industry Corporation

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