Porgera to get coffee downstream processing

Agriculture and Livestock Minister Philip Kikala has made a commitment to give one million coffee trees and a downstream processing industry as sustainable development to the people of his Porgera electorate.

Mr Kikala made the announcement last week on a visit to his Lagaip Porgera electorate for the first time as Minister for Agriculture and Livestock. He was received well by the leaders and the people of Porgera during the signing of the coffee industry downstream project.

Mr Kikala urged stakeholders within the agriculture sector to tap into the industry which has much to offer including cash income, employment and more.

Former member for Lagaip Porgera, Waitea Macwalias and the provincial member for Laiagam Yalipin Lucas commended the Government for appointing Mr Kikala as the Agriculture Minister.
They said the appointment was timely and there had already been a lot of agriculture projects being carried out in the electorate.

Mr Kikala also witnessed the signing of a peace agreement between two warring tribes, the Aiken tribe and the Nomale who agreed to stop fighting and be engaged in agricultural projects.

SOURCE: http://www.postcourier.com.pg/20110726/tuhome.htm

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