Matching seeds to needs

By Seniorl Anzu
Climate change is imposing an unprecedented threat to livelihoods and food security with great impacts over time and across locations. This will seriously affect millions of farmers whose livelihoods depend on subsistence agriculture.

Taro tubers

The Tsukuba Declaration, on adapting agriculture to climate change, unanimously declared that throughout the Asia-Pacific, climate change would significantly increase regional temperature, reduce water availability and erode coastal land as the sea level rises.

PNG is known to experience cyclic wet and dry periods induced by El Niño, which could severely curtail crop production by reducing the duration of cultivation and increasing threats from pests and diseases. In small-scale or subsistence communities, a single crop failure can spell disaster for farmers and their families. Already, there appears to be an intensification of pest and disease problems in PNG, including late blight on potatoes and leaf scab on sweet potatoes. Read more here

Source: The National Newspaper Online 

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