Coffee boom!

THE Highlands coffee season is here with spiraling high prices and a bumper crop. Green bean Arabica was yesterday fetching between K10.86 and K13.11 per kilogram. This is the highest it’s ever been in decades and the Coffee Industry Corporation could not be contacted to explain what’s causing the frenzy.

Coffee Cherries

For the first time ever in its history, the industry is enjoying a bumper crop and sky-rocketing prices but the party may turn sour if measures are not taken quickly to maintain uality, industry leaders warned yesterday. Industry sources said the double blessings have turned into a nightmare for big coffee buyers, processors and the exporters.

“To them, these blessings are in fact curses. Prices are more than twice that paid for a kilo of coffee around this time of the year in 2010. One has to spend more than twice the amount to buy same quantity of coffee,” said David Rumba Rumba, general manager of Goroka based Awute Coffee Producers Limited. Read more here

Source: Post Courier Online

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